“BROOKS – Livigno Skymarathon” and Grigne Skymarathon will give direct access to the queen of the ultra sky marathon.

“BROOKS – Livigno Skymarathon” and Grigne Skymarathon are the first Kima certified races and will give direct access to the queen of ultra sky marathons. That’s right, the 2023 finishers of these two very technical events will have a wild card for La Grande Corsa sul Sentiero Roma. The aim is to create a real circuit of top-level events that protects and enhances the adrenaline-pumping routes of real skyrunning. For this reason, the organising committee of the Kima Trophy will reserve a total of 200 bibs for those who will complete one of the two aforementioned high-altitude marathons this summer. 

“The idea was given to me by the champion Marco De Gasperi and I immediately embraced it,” said the president of the Kima Association Ilde Marchetti. “The events chosen as ‘certified races’ will have to be of the highest level and there can be no more than four. We have started with two in Italy of proven validity and we will choose two others from among the several that have already been proposed. What we want is for these competitions to help us in our mission of preserving the technicality of skyrunning, communicating it with breathtaking images and photos so that we can continue to make entire generations of skyrunners dream. In short, we want to keep the skyrunning of the origins alive by telling it in a modern key because these races may not be for everyone, but they belong to everyone. They are a heritage to be defended and preserved’.  

The idea takes up the winning models already adopted by other circuits, declining them to the sky world in order to grow events with great potential which, due to high organisational standards, but above all the high technical level of the course, have the necessary characteristics to be a privileged access route for the ‘sky runners’ who aspire to run the strongest of the ultra sky marathons.

Currently, to enter the starting list of the Kima Trophy one must participate in a draw. The credentials required are a good deal of experience and a minimum of ITRA points (650 for men, 500 for women). The task, however, is far from easy: there are 350 bibs available and for the last edition more than 2000 applications were received from all over the world. Thanks to the new project of certified and qualifying races, the 2023 finishers of the “BROOKS – Livigno Skymarathon” and “Grigne Skymarathon” will have direct access to the registration without going through the draw.

This does not mean lowering the bar or adopting lower selection standards; far from it. The technical staff of the Kima Trophy, after careful analysis, has in fact evaluated these two events as propaedeutic for the legendary Valmasino race. Now what for many was pure utopia can therefore become an achievable dream.

The dates to mark in your diary are 17 June (BROOKS – Livigno Skymarathon) and 16 September (Grigne Skymarathon). More information can be found on the respective websites: and

Now all you have to do is train to make your dream come true….

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