Track Skymarathon

MAP (36 km)

The race takes place in wild surroundings on the border of Italy and Switzerland. The route of 36 km contains sections on exposed mountain ridges, which will have ropes or chains for assistance as well as experienced mountain guides from the Guide Alpine and Soccorso Alpino societies. A substantial part of the route takes place at altitudes between 2,500 and 3,000 metres above sea level.

In the event of bad weather, the organisers reserve the right to amend the route in favour of a pre-determined emergency route. If this is the case, all athletes will be informed during the pre-race briefing.

There are two time barriers for “BROOKS – LIVIGNO SKYMARATHON” (36 km):
1). after 2:00h from the start of the race – Baitel dala Sascia at km 9;
2). after 5:15h from the start of the race – Val Federia at km 17.
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to set up additional time barriers in the presence of certain conditions that could affect participants’ safety.

“BROOKS – LIVIGNO SKYMARATHON“ (36 km): there are 7 refreshment points along the route + 1 final refreshment point:

  • Baitel di Sc’taur – km 4.7 (only water);
  • Baitel da la Sascia – km 9;
  • Piz Casana (Piz Chaschauna) – km 12.8;
  • Val Federia (Tee dopo Rin Toscie) – km 17;
  • Cheseria da Fedaria – km 21.1;
  • Arrival Impianto Federia – km 24.8;
  • Bivio Blesaccia – km 31.5;
  • Livigno FINISH LINE – km 36.3.
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